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Bred in Butter

“A better butter…”


Bred in Butter is a line of 100% natural hair and beauty products specifically designed for people of color and their distinct curl patterns. The line combines some of nature’s most organic resources to create a moisturizer designed for both the hair and skin of all shades, grades and textures. The products consist of ingredients and oils that are 100% organic and can only found in natures’ fruits and plants. It is a unisex product that can be applied to both the hair and skin for both men and women.


Benefits from using the product are stimulating hair growth, restoring thickness and texture while also providing the nutrients needed that are most often neglected or unnoticed. The raw Ghanaian Shea butter combats dry skin and dandruff while also providing protection against the sun and harsh conditions. The combination of oils and products creates a whipped butter like texture that, when applied, holds the strength for styling but softness to not weigh down your hair pores.



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